July 27, 2021

(Pardon our apperance as we finalize workshop details for 2021

Get Your House In Order

Financial Workshop for Churches 

 Legal MattersTrustee Matters          Year-End Tax Filing
 Church Governance    Year-End Contributions Clergy Housing
 SBA Loan Forgiveness    SBA Loan Forgiveness SBA Loan Forgiveness
 Pandemic Pandemic "Reopening" Pandemic "Maintaining"

Church & Coronavirus: This session is designed to address the unique and new methods the church industry must operate while dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. We will evaluate CDC guidelines for religious organizations and practical ways to protect the church and members while going forth with church operations (services, funerals, weddings). What risks should be church leadership take? What guidelines must you adhere to?
PPP Loans:  Forgiveness application.
Legal Matters : Have your by-laws and operating procedures updated to address Covid-19  pandemic effectively. How should the church position to obtain government funding? Is the 501c3 application necessary? How should trustees and leadership protect themselves from a potential lawsuit related to the Corona virus? How should cyber members be adjusted in the by-law.
Year-end taxes & clergy taxes: What new tax laws were made in 2021? What year-end tasks must church leaders do to ensure compliance with federal and state tax laws.
Contributions on-line: What changes are needed to ensure efficient and effective processing of year-end contribution statements and routine recording of contributions received on-line.  What should the church look into before selecting an on-line contribution company to receive donations? How are the funds secured and what risks are there?
These questions, and more, will be addressed during the session. 
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